About Cranberry

Cranberry Networks, with it’s roots from Silicon Valley is bringing advanced enterprise software and hardware features to emerging markets. Through innovation and a keen focus on customer needs, we are bringing great designs to market. With a team of pioneers from the early days of Wi-Fi, and a team that has supported almost all of the big boys in the Wi-Fi industry, we are now proud to offer our own solutions that will be the world’s most advanced and cost-effective solution. We are bringing affordable wireless with advanced features to industries such as Government, Hospitality, Education, and Emerging Markets.

The Cranberry Difference

Cranberry Networks specializes in Wireless Access Points for SMB / Enterprise. Our WiFi access points have been deployed in mission critical scenarios for voice, video, and audio for industries across the board including Government, Retail, Hospitality, Education and finance.

Our solutions will offer the best of advanced Enterprise features such as multiple SSIDs, Cloud Management support, Voice/Video, Hotspot 2.0 features to name a few. With our ability to create our own hardware solutions, we are coming up with unique form-factors that are asthetically pleasing and the most cost effective solutions on the planet. We have a history of hardware and software innovation and now under Cranberry, it is all coming together. Come see our hardware, software and cloud-based solutions.