Maximizing Cranberry Access Points for Higher Education

Wireless access to the internet for educational institutions is essential for rapid student development. In order to compete, both students and faculty a like, must have access to the internet at their fingertips, regardless of where they are on campus. For schools that need to provide high performance Wi-Fi connectivity to support the flood of Wi-Fi devices from I-Pads, I-Pods, Tablets and Laptops, Cranberry Networks provides the WLAN equipment and management software for classroom and campus coverage, secure guest access, and multimedia support for video and audio learning applications.

Student benefits:

•Connectivity -“ 24x7x365 for students and devices “ Guaranteed up-times
•Mobility -“ Continuous access to mobile devices across entire campus
•Applications -“ Streaming Audio, Voice over IP, video & Multimedia
IT benefits:

•Simplicity -“ Deployment, monitoring and management through Cranberrys I-View Manager
•Fast on boarding -“ Instantly add new students to the network
•Density -“ 1500+ devices in close proximity

“The Cranberry Networks WLAN offers a simple plug and play solution, helping us reduce our overall cost, while enabling us maximum wireless coverage.”

Cranberry Access Point – Benefits for Education

• IT is able to deploy mobile device connectivity and Wireless Network using Cranberrys Cloud Based Management infrastructure
• Cranberrys I-View manager is to provide alerts when there are AP outages to insure maximum up-times for wireless access.
• Faculty and students are able to collaborate assignments seamlessly.