Accessing Key Health Care data through Cranberry’s Wireless Access Points.

Key personnel in hospital work at a pace of life and death. Doctors have to make swift decisions in seconds and need access to research and information about their patients, especially those in critical condition. New policies have now mandated a transition to electronic health records and hospitals are turning to mobile applications to deliver critical up to the minute data, and streaming video. The hospital today is slowly growing to become an universal environment of many mobile devices from smartphones, I-PADS, and scanners .Management of these devices connected wirelessly are critical hospitals network. Patient health and quality of care depend on the efficiency of the WLAN.

The Cranberry Networks Wireless LAN is built to confront these challenges by delivering:

• Maximum wireless connectivity for real-time applications throughout the facility
• Consistent and seamless access for caregivers and patients.
• Flexibility and security to support a guest mobile environment while keeping information secure.
• Remote Wireless management and seamless deployment of WiFi Access Points to reduce the cost of delivering an excellent user    experience.
• Reliable throughput to support the transfer of healthcare data within the facility