Cranberry Networks Wireless Access Deployment for Hospitality

Hospitality is more competitive than ever before. In order to ensure the utmost customer service initiatives, the internet is the highest desired amenity among business hotel guests. It is critical to provide maximum productivity to its clientele; hotels need to provide wireless access to customers in every corner of their property.

Cranberry access points insure that users have wireless access to the internet even when many are concurrently running iPad tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices—especially when they’re guests who need secure access quickly. Cranberry’s Remote Wireless LAN solutions are simple to deploy, manages, and expand, lightening the load on your IT operation.

WLAN for Hospitality
Cranberry enables hospitality customers to offer guest services to increase customer satisfaction:

• Improved wireless network connectivity, reducing guest access complaints and front desk calls
• Differentiated Wi-Fi services in-room and in common areas for guests, based on loyalty level
• Support for hundreds of wireless devices in small areas ensuring network connectivity for all
• High quality Wi-Fi and video streaming allowing guests to experience rich, multi-media content on their personal devices
Cranberry WLAN solutions promote overall sales per hotel room by enabling:

• Mobile check-in services that unshackle your employees from their desks
• Voice communications and messaging between staff members for efficient operations
• Increased brand stickiness by offering differentiated services
• Reduced planning and deployment costs by up to 50%
• Identification and management of network problems before they happen with easy-to-use software tools and diagnostics
Hospitality Solutions
Cranberry WLAN solutions deliver the industry’s most reliable Wi-Fi experience:

• Deliver high quality video streaming with Cranberry Quality of Service (Qos)™
• Reliably support smartphones and tablets
• Cranberry Cloud Management Suite delivers management, diagnostic, and security tools that give IT managers the power to identify network issues before customers experience
Cranberry WLAN solutions have been deployed in hundreds of global hospitality brands:

• Hotel deployments of National and International recognition
• Event venues for concerts, symphony halls and theatres
• Busy international airports and train stations globally